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Friday, December 28, 2007


Last year I wrote a blog post on Christmas full of news headlines. The most prominent included suicide bombings, reports that violence has become even more widespread in certain areas...

This was to point out that on the holiest of Christian holidays, horrific atrocities occurred worldwide - just like any other day. Reading the newspaper headlines for this Christmas, though, made me too upset to even want to point out that the God Christians believe in is, presumably, watching it all with the satisfaction that everything is going to plan, and all the pain and suffering has some worthwhile goal in the end...

What that goal could be has never been answered to me.


Frank Walton said...

Oh, no, but to the atheists, violence and atrocities are all morally ambiguous. Get a life.

Rhology said...

The goal is that God be glorified.

And I second Frank's motion - suicide bombings and violence and such are neither good nor bad on atheism. What are you complaining about? Why not complain about neighbor helping neighbor, people feeding the hungry, etc? It's the same moral value either way.

G-man said...

Haha, clearly I have to throw ideas at you several times before they stick.

Atheism - wait for it - is not a theory of ethics. Atheism is a belief about the existence of gods. Moral theories are a separate issue.

Now, Rho, you could claim that according to all moral theories any atheist could adhere to , suicide bombings and violence are neither good nor bad. Such a claim would be, of course, blatantly false - just like the one in your above comment.

Walton doesn't deserve any replies that can be stated politely, but I'll continue chatting with you in hopes that you do.